Karen Crook

"Although painting has always been a large part of my life this is a new and exciting adventure for me.
Please revisit the site as i will be adding new pictures regularly"

Karen Crook
Welcome to KarenCrookArt.com
The portfolio and blog of the Midland based artist Karen Crook.


A magestic Clumber Spaniel , one of UK’s native vulnerable breeds. They are the heaviest of the spaniels.


Tumble Drier

Another soggy doggy – border collie this time, trying to dry himself off !

Acrylic on canvas 40 x 40cm

Spin Cycle

After painting dogs swimming in water for many years. Now is the time to paint them as they try and get dry !

Acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 cm


A Wire Haired Vizsla, very close .

Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm

Welsh Terrier

A playful Welsh Terrier , Brynn.

Copper Wave

I have been asked for fox red Labradors for some time. So of course I had to paint one having fun in the waves.

Original painting is 50 x 50cm acrylic on a standard canvas.

Quack Snack

To continue with my under water theme, this time a diving mallard duck.

Painted in acrylic on a 40 x 40 cm gallery wrapped canvas

Magic Water

A very happy German Shepherd enjoying the waves .

Acrylic onĀ  55cm x 46cm canvas.

Prints are cropped to a square.


A new addition to my dogs in water series . A young Golden Retriever enjoying playing in the sea.


Acrylic on a 5o x 50cm canvas.

The Fantastic four

All the different colours of labradors

Original 70 x 70cm

Acrylic on gallery canvas